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Avery Terrell Bijoux Rags


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                    Bijoux Rags RagaMuffins

Bijoux Rags is small in home hobbyist breeding program. We are part of The Ragamuffin Kitten Breeding Society and members of Cat Fanciers of America. Our cats and kittens are raised in house as part of the family. We also have a couple dogs that are part of the family. We haven’t decided if the cats think there dogs or the dogs think there cats. It is quit common to find the cats and dogs all sleeping in the same bed. We are a newer cattery, but my family, VelvetMuffins, has been breeding for over 25 years. And my sister, Grace On High Bengals, has been breeding for over 10 years. Having such a great passion and love for animals; and having always had cats, dogs, and a variety of other animals. I decided it was time to take up the family business and have some little bundles of joy around the house. We may have the PURR-FECT bundle of joy to brighten up your home. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.