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Mia is amazing!  A total sweetheart. Loves to snuggle under our blankets for her nightly affection.  She is Miko's best buddy. So sweet.
"She's our favorite too. Have not seen her equal. She is magnificent!!!"
"Yes everyone is well! He loves her and she is a sweetie! And pup and kitty are best buds. They will wrestle one minute and pass out on each other the next 😊"
"He's making himself right at home! Now I have all my friends and family wanting a ragamuffin and I tell them to only go to you! :)"
"He is really starting to love me, follows me around, sleeps on my head it's adorable! We had Mother's Day snuggles this morning!"
"She is a sweetheart... she loves James. We call her Tinker"
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